Permanently Disable or Delete Your Google+ (Plus) Account

So you are one of those who made a Google+ account with the horde trying to explore the new social-networking service but later realize that Facebook is more than enough for you to connect with your friends? If you are done with Google+, and you would not like to get Google+ notifications any more, disabling the service all together maybe a good idea.

The thing to note here is that we will be only disabling the Google+ service linked to your Google account and not the account itself. This will ensure that none of your other Google related services are hampered in the process.

Delete Google+ Account

Step 1: Log in to your Google+ account and open your stream for one last time. You can say that it’s one of those branches you will have to cut while you are sitting on it. When you are on Google+, click on the small profile photo thumbnail on the tip right corner of the screen and select Account to open your Google+ settings.


Step 2: In Google+ settings page, scroll down to Services and click on the link Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features.

Step 3: On the Google account deletion page you would be given two options. Select Delete Google+ content in there. Also check the Required  field that will make sure you agree to the agreement.

Disable Account

I don’t know much about what happens after you click on the Remove Selected Service button as I will not be doing it anytime soon, but you can take my words that your Google+ account will be deleted instantly and all the services linking to your Google+ account will no longer be accessible. However though, none of your content on Picasa, Docs or other Google services will be deleted.

Note: Readers are advised to read through each sentence carefully on the Google pages during the Google+ account deletion process to avoid any unnecessary hassle.


If you were to ask me, I kinda like Google+. No, am not a heavy user yet but I might just become one in the future. But I can’t blame those who are sick and tired of managing multiple social networks and want to do away with the ones they don’t use once and for all.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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