Make Top Row, Left Column or Panes Non-Scrollable in MS Excel


Whenever we create

Excel sheets

we usually give a name to every column and sometimes, to rows too. Our intention behind

creating headers

is that we (and the people we share our sheet with) may easily understand the data matrix and the data within it.

However, there is one flaw with doing just this much. If you notice closely you will see that the headers scroll away as you scroll the document (down or left). Then what is the significance of headers if you cannot have them throughout? Well, you can and that’s what we are going to tell you today.

But before we move on let us have a look at my example set of data (left image) and how the headers hide out when I scroll my sheet (right image).

Data In Excel

MS Excel provides a diligent tool that lets you freeze the panes of your document such they do not scroll and remain on the viewable area at any time. Navigate to View tab and highlight on Freeze Panes tool. Lets us look at each of those options.

Excel Freez Panes

Freeze Top Row

When you select this option the top row of your Excel sheet obtains the non-scrollable property. This means that when you move the vertical bar downwards all but the top row will scroll with the scrolling bar. Compare the image below with that shown at the top of the article; take note of the scroll positions.

Scroll Headers Intact

Freeze First Column

Not always do we have headers for rows viz. the leftmost column. But when we do, it becomes important to acquire similar property for the entire column. Choosing this option will always keep the first column intact. Again have a look the image below and compare with previous images.

Scroll Fixed Column

Freeze Panes

This option is pretty interesting and it caters to needs of making multiple rows and columns non-scrollable. There is a little process to follow in order to make this work. Say for example, you want to render the first two rows and first two columns using this option, then you will have to select the cell counting the third row and third column.

Cell Selection

Then navigate to Views -> Freeze Panes and click on Freeze Panes. The image shows how the result would function. Compare it with others for better understanding.

Scrolling Fixed Panes

Unfreeze Panes

Nothing is complete without a contrast. If you have privileges to freeze rows and columns then you should also be able to unfreeze them. By any chance if you have applied any of the freeze tools and then you navigate to Views -> Freeze Panes you will see that the first option in the list has changed and it allows you to Unfreeze Panes.

Unfreez Panes


I perform this activity on almost all my worksheets, especially when the measure of data is larger than my screen area. Not only does it make my task easier but also helps those whom I share my document with. Is it going to help you? Tell us in the comments section.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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