[Quick Tip] Get a Temporary Facebook Password If You Are On a Public Computer

Saikat Basu

A public computer could just be the place where a malware or keylogger is hiding. Using your passwords on a public computer is always fraught with risk. Facebook recognizes this ‘public menace’ and has a security feature that could be the safety net in a cybercafé, hotel, airports, or a library.

facebook logoTo make sure that computer you are using in a public place does not store your login information you can ask Facebook for a temporary password. The temporary password can be obtained by using your cell phone and sending a SMS.

Just type in a text message saying otp to 32665.  You will receive a temporary password in return that will stay valid for 20 minutes. Use this to log in instead of your regular password. After that the password will be useless and no one else will be able to log in using that.

This is a U.S. only feature and in order to access this feature, you’ll need to have a mobile phone number added in your Facebook account.

We hope Facebook makes this feature available outside United States too because it certainly seems to be a pretty handy one.

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