How to Use Evernote Food on Android to Save Food Memories

I am a food-o-holic and whenever I visit a new city or locality I make sure that I try the food out there. I still remember an incident while I was in Vizag (in India) for my summer trip years back and my friend took me to this amazing Biryani House where you get one of the best Chicken Biryani and I must say it was one delicious dish.

Now, the next time I visited Vizag, I was craving to have the same Biryani  again but I was not able to recall the name of the place owing to my bad memory. This is where tools that save memories related to specific things come in handy, because you’d never remember to save such things otherwise. When it comes to food or cuisine, Evernote Food is there.

Food Evernote

Using Evernote Food

Evernote Food is an extension of the classic Evernote note taking app that helps you remember anything and everything. This one’s related to food—the place, the food, the appetizer, even the sauces that would make the food enriching in taste. Evernote Food is pretty easy to use.

The first step would be to install it on your smartphone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android. For the post we will be seeing how the Android app works, but I am pretty sure, iOS app will be no different to work on.

Food 2

After you install the app on your mobile, you can use your Evernote account to access it. Now all you need to do is take notes (food specific notes) whenever you eat some great food at a new place or you are making something of your own in the kitchen. You can take a photo of the food, write notes, pin location on the map and organize them using tags.

Evernote Food 3
Evernote Food 4

Once you have taken down all the details that you would like to remember about the food, just save the settings. You can also take multiple images for a note to create a gallery of images to mark every detail. All your food experiences will be synced to your Evernote account.

Evernote Food 1

The next time you want to recall the amazing restaurant where you relished the food, no need to strain your nerve cells. Simply open the Evernote Food installed on your smartphone and treat yourself. You can also see all your food notes using your Evernote account on both web and desktop.

Evernote Online Accont

The only thing to worry about here is the upload limit for free account. As Evernote food uses your Evernote free note taking account, all the rules apply here as well. As the monthly upload allowance for free user is just 60 MB, you might want to keep a check on the images you upload.


As a self-certified foodie, Evernote Food has impressed in every way. If you love food then Evernote Food has just become a must carry app on your smartphone. Moreover, even if you are not a food lover, you can use Evernote food in many different ways. It’s not necessary to restrict the application to just foods. If you love shopping or sightseeing while you travel, you can use the app to take notes for the same. Might void the app’s purpose but then it’s about your convenience, isn’t it?

Also, if you ever visit Bangalore, the best food in the city is found in Indira Nagar  and Brigade Road. Bon appétit!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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