3 Free Camera Comparison Tools to Try Before Buying New Camera

Camera Comparison

Deciding to buy a new


is the easiest decision to make. Deciding which camera to buy on the other hand could probably choke your first decision before it gathers wings.

Believe me, the price of digital cameras and your budget constraints are just one of the factors. Should you go for a kit lens or just buy the camera body now and a separate lens; or which brand – Nikon, Canon, or Olympus etc. and etc. I still haven’t dived into the nitty-gritty of camera specs which probably requires a NASA scientist’s eye for detail.

But don’t exclaim ‘chuck it’ just yet.

Here are three online camera comparison tools that may you take the right decision on the camera to buy:


Camera Recommendation01

SnapSort should be your first port of call when it comes to pre-buying decisions on your next camera. The free online camera guide does a side-by-side comparison of camera models in each class and gives you the high and lows of each. Detailed specs are given for each model. You can explore different types of cameras that are available; compare two models next to each other; and also learn about camera types, popular brands, and camera technology.

If you want to take a shortcut through the whole jungle, get straight recommendations by picking the features you want for your ideal camera. Price comparisons (default is Swedish Krona) and buying links for France, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, and Denmark are given.

Best In Class

Camera Recommendation02

Best In Class asks for your budget, intended uses, and desired features. Then it gives you personalized recommendations on the ideal camera to buy. According to the site, the recommendations come from photography professionals, so there’s the trust factor built in. You can sort the recommendations using the filters on the side by brand, uses, price, size, color, type, image and capture. Read reviews from the likes of NY Times, DPReview, CNET, and also customer reviews.

Best In Class also links to online retailers like Amazon and you can check the current prices to firm up your buying decisions.


Camera Recommendation03

If you think that your ‘troubles’ are over with the camera decided on, think again. If you just buy the camera body, you have to get a separate lens. Lens Hero helps out by narrowing down all your options. Give it your camera type, the budget, the kind of lens you are interested in, and Lens Hero comes up with a few recommendations. The recommendations are ranked, so you can move through them and take your pick. You can also compare two lenses on various parameters and pick out the one.

What I like best about Lens Hero is the second step where you decide on the type of lens has a zoom slide which allows you to check out the focal length of a lens with a snapshot preview.

Well, life has got slightly simpler with these three free tools. Try them out yourself, and tell us about the camera that these three online camera recommendation sites helped you buy.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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