Screenshot Tour of Office 2013 – Word, PowerPoint, Excel & More

With Windows 8 release date closing in, Microsoft launched the consumer preview of Office 2013 aka Office 365. Office 2013 includes many new features but the first thing you will notice is the Metro Splash Screens with the all new UI to match Windows 8 looks. The product is designed for Windows 8 PCs and tablets but run on Windows 7 as well. Support for older versions of Windows is however revoked.

So lets talk more about the all new Office as we take a screenshot tour.

Office 2013 Preview 1

Word 2013

Office 2013 Preview 9

Microsoft has taken cloud computing very seriously and just like they’ve done on Windows 8, on Office 2013 too they’ve incorporated the SkyDrive cloud storage by default. Users can now open, work on and save their files on SkyDrive easily. That’s not all, if you are not connected to the internet, it’s not a problem. Office will maintain a local copy on your system and will update it on the cloud as soon as you are connected to the internet again.

Office 2013 Preview 251

The menu looks are more or less same when compared to Office 2010 with the left hand side containing all the menus while the right hand screen containing the related options. The only thing that’s different is the Metro UI and if you are running it on Windows 8, it really looks cool.

Office 2013 Preview 22
Office 2013 Preview 231

PowerPoint 2013

Office 2013 Preview 8
Office 2013 Preview 26
Office 2013 Preview 211

Presenter view for PowerPoint is one latest addition to the all new Office 2013. In the presenter view you can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel, and mark and navigate slides using touch input if your device supports it.

Presenter View

Excel 2013

Office 2013 Preview 2

As Office 2013 would require you to use a Windows Live Account to use all the products, all the personalized settings, recent files and templates will be synced to all the devices Office 2013 is installed with the same Live account.

Office 2013 Preview 19
Office 2013 Preview 17
Office 2013 Preview 18

OneNote 2013

One Note

With Office 2013, Microsoft seems to have brought its note keeping tool OneNote to the forefront. An instance of OneNote is always running on your PC in the system tray using which you can quickly take notes and send it to your OneNote account. It also include screen clipper to directly save screenshots as notes.

Office 2013 Preview 11
Office 2013 Preview 16
Office 2013 Preview 14
Office 2013 Preview 151

Outlook 2013

Office 2013 Preview 7
Office 2013 Preview 13

People Card is another great addition to Office 2013 and it includes all the information of a contact you would require in a quick glance. You can link people card to Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to sync all the details from the web.

Office 2013 Preview 121

Access 2013

Office 2013 Preview 6
Office 2013 Preview 10

Publisher 2013

Office 2013 Preview 3
Office 2013 Preview 4


So go ahead and try Office 2013 today. If you don’t have a Windows Live Account, you will have to make one first. Having done that, you can open Office download portal to install and try Office 2013 on your device.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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