How To Add Additional Clocks In Vista and Windows 7

If you are traveling around the world with your laptop, changing the time zone in the clock settings of your PC is one of the things you would definitely want to do so that it reflects the correct time.

But wouldn’t it be better if the system clock had options to show more than one clock ? Turns out that the system clock in Windows Vista and higher versions does allow you to add up to 2 additional clocks.

That would mean that you could now quickly compare different time zones by pointing your mouse on the time at the right-hand bottom corner of your desktop. This article gives you a step-by-step guide to add those additional clocks.

Here are the steps involved.

Click on current time display icon present on Windows toolbar at the right bottom and click change date and time settings.


Go to the Additional Clocks tab.


You can select one or two additional clocks by checking the boxes beside “Show this clock”. Also select the required time zone from the drop down menu. In the screenshot given below I select time zone for London and East coast in US (GMT and GMT-05:00 for EST). Click OK button.

Enter display name. You can enter any name but I suggest you to enter name of country or city to avoid any confusion.


That’s it. Now when you hover your mouse over the current time display icon, you will see the current time in those two places too (London and New York in this case).


Click on the time icon on the toolbar and you can see all the three clocks showing time of different zones.


That’s how you enable multiple clocks in Windows Vista and Window 7.

Got any tips or tricks to play with the system clock in Windows ? Did you like this tutorial ? Do let us know in the comments.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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