The Best Ways to Keep Track of Different Time Zones

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My work demands that I am always abreast with three

different time zones

– India (my default), Central and Pacific. It is always easy to pull out the respective data from the internet or calculate the same by remembering the differences in time zones. However, it would be better if I had them handy on my work machine at any time. That would give me an extra edge and help me

organize or plan my job


This post is about what I suggest all you people requiring similar workarounds to keep track of different time zones do. You may choose and apply what fits best for you. Unless you have a cabin with wall clocks of all time zones, these should help you.

Add Additional Clocks in Windows

In order to resolve the complexity of time zones I added the Central and Pacific clocks to supplement the original on my Windows machine. So, I can quickly click on the clock icon on my Windows taskbar and compare or check out the current time at those time zones.

Additional Clocks

To learn and apply the changes read our guide on how to add additional clocks in Vista and Windows 7.

Websites to Compare World Times

Not always is my requirement fulfilled by the clock setting on my local machine. There arises times when I have to go beyond those two time zones and collaborate with people across other continents. However, the frequency is low on that circle and it would be insignificant to change the system time/clocks just once or twice.

Qlock World Clock

In such cases I step back and take help of the 3 unique and creative world clock sites to compare world times.

Collaborate on Calendar Events

Many people maintain a calendar with a list of all tasks and appointments in hand. By any chance if your tasks and meetings are scattered over the globe, you will need to be up-to-date with the respective timings and associated events.

Calendar After

Why don’t you consider adding an additional time zone to your MS Outlook calendar rather than navigating to other tools just to figure out the time differences?

Check Time Zone on Google

Google is one website which most people have open at any time. Even if you don’t, and when you are in the need of knowing the time at another place I am sure you will open it without giving a second thought. There is a trick to help you from wandering any further.

Google Time

On Google’s search box, type time: Name-Of-City and the results will show the current time and time zone at that city. Check an example in the image above.

Email at the Right Time

Emails grab maximum attention only when they are received at the correct time. This means that if you are sending messages to people in different time zones there is every possibility that your message would get stacked with others and end up unnoticed.

Schedule Date Time

The best way to tackle such a problem is to have the email delivered when people on the other end are at their desks. So, acquaint yourselves on how to schedule email delivery in Gmail with Boomerang and/or how to schedule or delay email delivery in MS Outlook.

World Clocks for Phones

Mobile phones have grown to become more of organizers than just a medium of communication. On that front it would be a good idea to carry the world clock in your pocket in the form of an app.

Android World Clock

Android users can try the Perfect World Clock and iPhone users can check out the World Clock app.


I have listed all the tricks, tools and methods that I use (and that can be used) to keep track of different time zones. This helps me perform better at my job. After all, it’s not just about meetings, appointments and calls, it is about respecting one another’s time too. Right?

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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