Become a Published eBook Author with the Help of BookieJar

There’s nothing more dreadful for an aspiring writer than a rejection letter. Famous authors like Stephen King have also had their share, and a considerable one at that. But online book publishing services today are at least helping to keep the waste-basket at bay. Getting published by a well-known publisher may still be the gold ribbon for a writer, but online book publishing platforms are short-circuiting at least the wait to get a book published.

So, enter the doors of BookieJar (beta), an open eBook publishing and distribution platform for independent writers and publishers. BookieJar also endeavors to be a web market for writers and publishers, as well as a community that can bring together storytellers and readers.

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BookieJar is of course, not the only self-publishing book service around. Today the web is choc-a-bloc with avenues for writers who like to see their work (both good and bad) made it to at least one reader’s computer screen. Amazon has its own self-publishing service called CreateSpace, and there are other well-known ventures like

So how does BookieJar work?

BookieJar is a place for both free books and paid books. Paid books also come with few free sample chapters. With its assortment of paid books, BookieJar becomes a marketplace where you can write and publish your own eBook and hope to make some money out of it. BookieJar maintains a 70/30 royalty sharing with the author – the author gets 70% of the royalties. Free books on the other hand come from the public domain or writers who are willing to provide their books for free.

A browse through the book site reveals that BookieJar covers all categories of books from authors around the globe. All books are in English.

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A unique feature on BookieJar is that you can also read semi-finished books as they are progressing towards completion. You can follow them via your free BookieJar account. You’ll receive a reminder when there are new chapters added to a book in progress that you are following.

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Most of them are free, but there’s no surety that they will remain so as they become complete works. You can read books in the online reader or download them to the computers or eReaders to read later. Books are available in common eBook formats like ePUB and MOBI and can be read on all eBook readers.

I Want to be a Published Writer!

Don’t we all. BookieJar being an open platform gives you all the tools for the job. You have to bring the creativity. There are no membership fees involved and the writers retain the copyright of their authored works. You can also publish your book that you are letting others view chapter by chapter on BookieJar. In fact, that could be a good idea as reader feedback is an invaluable tool to direct you to success. To help with the promotion of your books, BookieJar has an affiliate program. BookieJar brings in all the tools of the trade like active promotions to attract book reviewers, book agents, publishers, reader groups etc.

Also, check out BookieJar’s unique patent-pending Autograph Now! feature. A nice touch if you reach the summit of a completed work.

Does BookieJar appeal to the writer in you? Try it out and give us your impressions, and especially if you have tried out other web based book publishing platforms as well.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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