How To Rotate Videos using Windows Movie Maker

While taking still photos using cameras and mobiles, we rotate the device between landscape and portrait mode to get the best from the scene. While viewing on the camera, we can easily tilt the device and view the photos correctly but when we transfer it to computer, we have to rotate them for the best experience.

Sometimes while shooting videos people make a mistake of shooting them in portrait mode and when they transfer them to computer, watching them is literally a pain in the neck. Well, the good news is that rotating videos is as easy as rotating a photo, you just need to use the right tool.

Rotating Videos

To rotate a video open Window Movie Maker and import a video to it. The video will be analyzed and expanded in the timeline view. Now all you need to do is select the video and press the rotate button located on the toolbar. You can rotate the video to left or to right. Clicking a mode twice will turn the video upside down.

Rotate Buttons

Now that was how you can rotate the full video.

Rotated Video

If you want to rotate only a segment of a video, you will have to split the video first. To split the video, drag the seek bar in the timeline to the exact time when you want to cut the videos and select Split  from the right-click context menu.


After rotating the video you can export the movie to your hard disk and enjoy the video as they were supposed to be.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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