Clear Browsing Data Automatically on Closing: Firefox, Chrome, IE

Browser history and associated data could jeopardize your privacy if you are using a shared computer. We are big advocates of safe browsing and we’ve talked about methods to help you with that.

One trick to help you accomplish such a setting is to create hidden profiles and use them secretly. An even better way would be to use private browsing mode.

Today we intend to make the process of clearing browsing data simpler. The spin is to clear such data automatically when you close your browser, be it Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It’s a useful trick because people usually don’t forget quitting the browser when they are using it on some other computer other than their own.

Automatically Have Firefox Clear Browser Data on Closing

Among the three browsers that I researched, I found Firefox with the best and most customizable settings.

Step 1: Navigate to Firefox (the orange button on the top left) Options -> Options.

Firefox Options

Step 2: On the Options dialog highlight the focus to Privacy  tab and click on the drop down reading Firefox will  under History section. Choose Use custom settings for history.

Firefox Privacy Options

Step 3: Check the option reading Clear history when Firefox closes  and hit on Settings button to customize further.

Step 4: Under this dialog box you can check/uncheck whatever you would like to clear or keep when you close your browser.

Firefox History On Exit

Automatically Have Chrome Clear Browser Data on Closing

I could not find a direct way of clearing all browsing data on Chrome (upon exit) and I am not very sure if the behavior is same on all versions. However, there are a few facts and features to help you.

Firstly, if you want to know about clearing cookies and related data only then navigate to the address bar and type chrome://chrome/settings/content. If you are reading this on Chrome, click here.

Chrome Clear Cookies

If you want more I would suggest that you install Click&Clean plug-in for Chrome (also available for Firefox). When you are done click on the extension icon and navigate to its Options.

Click Clean Options

Uncheck Disable, uncheck Ask me before clearing, expand Chrome, check the boxes that you need and exit the page. Your settings will be defined to clear all data on exit.

Chrome Clear History On Exit

Automatically Have Internet Explorer Clear Browser Data on Closing

There are two ways to configure this on Internet Explorer (depends on which version you are using). Navigate to Tools -> Internet Options and check the option reading Delete browsing history on exit  placed under Browsing history section.

Ie Clear History On Exit

If you do not see any such option, click on Settings and set the Days to keep pages in history to zero (0). However, this one works only for web pages visited.

Ie Store History Zero Days


This is a pretty decent way of keeping safe with browsing activities. Though you lose on the memory part which you may need sometimes, but at times your priority may be bent towards security.

Have you been practicing any such methodology? Or are you using any other trick? The comments section is open for you.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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