How to Prevent Gmail From Saving Chat History

In Gmail, we have a separate section called Chats just like Inbox, Draft, Sent Mail, etc., which keeps track of all your chat history. By default, whenever you chat with someone on Gmail messenger, it keeps a log of your chat and saves every session of the chat as an email archive.


These logs are saved on the account of both the users and they prove useful when you want to review your chat records. But, for certain chats, you might want to disable this archiving feature for added privacy.

So lets see how we can easily disable the feature while chatting with a contact.

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Taking Chat off the Records

When you want to take a chat off the records in Gmail, click on the More button  in the chat frame and select the option Go off the record.

Go Off The Records

That’s all, the chat will instantly go off the records and both the people will be informed about the same with a message in the Gmail chat frame. All the chat messages from this point on will be deleted as soon as you end an active session (with that contact that is).


If you want to start recording again, you can either click on the cancel link that’s displayed in chat, or you can select Stop chatting off the record  from the More drop-down menu.

Stop Off Records

One should know that the process is not 100% secure. If both the users are chatting on the Gmail client, there’s nothing to worry about but if a user is using any third party messenger app that keeps track of the messages in a local log file, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it then.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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