Set Different Equalizer Settings for Each Song in iTunes


How many times have you changed the player’s equalizer settings manually when you switch to a different song? There are high chances you’ve been doing that for long. As most of us listen to all kinds of songs (read different genres), setting up a universal equalizer preset for each of them doesn’t make sense, which is what is provided with most of the

desktop music players


iTunes on the other hand, acts a bit smart in these kinds of situations. iTunes allows user to set different equalizer settings for every single song they have in the library and remembers the settings even when you launch iTunes next time.

Sounds interesting? So let’s see how we can set up different equalizer settings for individual tracks but first let’s start with some basics here.

How to Configure Equalizer in iTunes

Click on View—> Show Equalizer  to open iTunes equalizer. You can go ahead and put a check against On to turn on the equalizer effects. By default, iTunes comes configured with many sound effect presets and you can simply click on the drop-down menu and select one of the effects. The effect will be applied to all the songs that will then be played in iTunes instantly.

Show Equalizer

If you have knowledge on adjusting the six-Band equalizer manually, you can select the Manual option from the drop-down menu and slide the bands using the mouse. You can also edit a preset directly and iTunes will automatically change the mode to manual mode.

Itunes Equalizer

When things look perfect, you can select the option Make Preset in the list and save the newly configured settings. If you need to edit the name of a preset for the sake of simplicity, click on the Edit list option.

Presets And Manual Settings

Setting Different Equalizer Settings Song-wise

Now the thing is, when you set some sound effects here, it’s applied to all the songs in your library, and that’s the case with almost all the music players out there. But as I already mentioned that iTunes is way smarter; you can easily configure different equalizer effects for distinct songs.

To set different equalizer modes for tracks, we will first have to activate the particular attribute. On iTunes right-click on the top bar, the one that holds Name, Title, Artist, etc. and select Equalizer from the menu. You will notice that each track will have an equalizer attribute right next to it with a small arrow.

Activate Eq Attricbute

To select different equalizer for a song, simply click on the arrow and select the one you think will suit track the best. The list will hold all user created effects as well. That’s all, whenever iTunes plays the particular track with custom equalizer settings, it will change automatically. Once the track is finished EQ settings will be restored to default for the next track.

Choose Eq


I am sure you will find this trick pretty useful when you need to make a continuous playlist for a party, and you would like Rock for heavy metals and Pop for the cool pop songs you have queued up in the list. Yes, there’s a bit of manual effort needed at first, but after that you need not worry about changing them each time.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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