3 Websites For Couples Seeking Relationship Answers

Facebook could be the best place to start a relationship. It could also be the worst social network to continue with because as some reports have indicated, Facebook has been responsible for quite a few breakups and divorces. Blame it on the non-anonymity of our digital lifestyles. But if being in love is the biggest industry in the world, worry not because there are more than a handful of websites and services playing a supportive role as you go about wearing your heart on your sleeve.


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Okay, maybe you were expecting a nice eye-candied dating site first up. But not every relationship has a fairy tale ending. WotWentWrong (UPDATE: This website is not available anymore) begins where a relationship ends or sours. In its basic essence, it is a feedback service that helps partners (or ex-partners) come to terms with what went wrong. You can ask of course; but as anyone who has been on the cusp of a broken relationship knows, it does not make for a nice conversation.

When emotions simmer down, WotWentWrong and its feedback tool can help you to ask for constructive opinion that just might help you address the do’s and don’ts. You can use it via the web or mobile.

The service gives you an opportunity to know:

  • Explore your personal dating and relationship do’s and don’ts.
  • Learn from past experiences.
  • Develop fresh insights and behaviors to ensure your future relationship goals.


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Real-world problems and relationship advice gets highlighted here. CouplesSpark is a platform for couples seeking answers to relationship questions and trusting the community to come up with the right ones. Sign-in for relationship advice, story sharing and conflict resolution and allow other couples to send in their feedback.

Both sides of an issue (from both couples) are represented and the crowd gets to vote on the one they think is right. The wisdom of the crowds approach could help couples in a relationship look at their own problems with a different light. Think of it as a digital way of taking your private spat public. A look through the site revealed that people have genuinely pitched in with relevant advice.


Relationship Website02

Problems will be there. But couples in a relationship should also have fun and grow. That’s where the last site on our short list comes in. Tokii is a well-designed Canadian social network for couples to meaningfully connect through playful activities. Tokii describes itself as a Relationship Management Platform. The platform is game-focused with nearly 250+ games in different categories. Play the games together to find out more about your partner. You can also play them solo and compare yourself with the wider Tokii community.

Tokii also has features like relationship advice, a mood meter that tells your partner how you feel, quizzes, and an awaited feature called Trading Post which is probably about ‘trading favors’. The good thing is that you can also use the site’s mobile app to stay connected when you are away from your partner.

These three websites in their own different ways are creating an expanding niche. We are crowded for time and space, so these websites are helping couples in a relationship gather new insights about each other.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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