ROM Toolbox Lite: A Multi-Purpose App For Rooted Android Phones

It’s a fact that a rooted Android device always gets some extra perks when compared to a similar non-rooted device. One can control the CPU frequency, batch uninstall apps silently, take application backup along with data and other such goodies, but every such task requires you to install an app on your device. Not that great.

We recently discovered a useful app called ROM Toolbox Lite that can take care of all the aforementioned tasks on a rooted Android device, all from one place. It’s like Captain Planet for rooted phones, the one with combined power of all the good apps.

Note: Please make sure you are cautious and tread carefully. As the app interacts with your Android system files, things can mess up if you pull the wrong plug.

There are many tasks you can accomplish using the tool. We will look at some of the important ones.

App Manager

App Manager helps you to take backup of all the apps installed on your device (user+system) along with app data and restore them back to the device when you need to. The module lists all the apps that you can back up or uninstall them one by one. From the menu you can enable the batch mode and backup, uninstall or restore multiple apps in one go. You can compare App manager to Titanium Backup with basic features.

App Manager 1
App Manager 2

You can also freeze apps, but one should be careful while performing such operations. It’s better to leave out system-related apps while you do such kind of tasks.

Root Browser

All the normal file managers that come installed on your phone, or the basic alternatives like ES File Explorer and Astro, only give you the access to all the files that are on your SD card. By default, for security reasons, you cannot browse through the root or system folders on these file managers.

Root Browser 1
Root Nrowser 2

The root explorer gives you the access to the system files that are responsible for running the OS on your phone, and you can work on these files just as you would do on the normal file managers.

Auto Start Manager

Auto Start Manager

Like in Windows where some programs auto-start during the system startup, in Android too some apps and services automatically start running when the device powers on. You can control these from individual program settings in the apps (that allow changes), but using this tool you can deal with all such applications at one place.

Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker

A simple ad blocker to hide ads from apps and browsers. Just open the module and download the host files. However, I must say that disabling the ads is not a good practice unless they are very intrusive. Developers work very hard to provide you with the best application and that too for free. My conscience says that blocking ads will do injustice to their hard work, but the final decision rests on you.

CPU Control

Cpu Control

Most of the devices these days have multiple CPU cores running in 1 to 1.5 MHZ all the time, whether your usage needs it or not. Using CPU control you can set an upper limit to the CPU usage and save a considerable amount of charge in the device battery.

If your kernel supports overclock, you can increase the clock speed as well but be careful.


We have already talked about the fact how the App2SD feature can save space on your phone internal storage and speed it up a bit, but the problem is that only few apps support App2SD by default. Using ROM Toolkit’s App2SD module you can move any application data files to your SD card and save some space in your ROM.


The app has many other interesting modules like themes manager, font installer and boot image changer but we leave that to you to try them out on your own. We are sure that if you’ve come this far without any hiccups, it should be a smooth ride ahead too with those other features.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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