How to Easily Stream YouTube Videos to Desktop With SVPtube


Whenever I have to watch anything online, my first choice is


. And the obvious reason is that it has a wealthy collection of videos from around the globe. However, the interface has not been very impressive in terms of providing desktop

player like features


Though we can create playlists, flag videos and take advantage of the suggestions, there are many things which it lacks. Maybe that’s the reason many people consider downloading a video to watch it on a desktop player. Now, that consumes a lot of time and by the time it gets done there are chances that your mood may swing.

Here’s how you can easily stream a video to any desktop player and watch it in real-time with the advantages of features that are on your favorite player. SVPtube is what we are going to use and believe me, it is simple and impressive.

Using SVPtube to Stream YouTube Videos to Desktop

First and foremost you will need to download the application. When you install the tool you will be asked to select the components for installation. I decided not to change the default settings.

Svp Select Components

There was another window asking for additional tasks to be performed. I really did not get the meaning or need of any of those. So, again went with default settings.

Additional Installs

When the installation completed I could find a SVP Manager sitting on my system tray. If you right-click on it you will be able to play with settings like video profile (in terms of resolution and size) and will also be able to crop frames.

Svp Manager

Things here are not really important and need no attention because this is not the interface to play your videos. That’s somewhere else.

So, open Windows start menu and search for svptube. Click on the result as has been shown in the image below.

Launch Svptube Player

This tool also goes and sits in the system tray. If you right-click on this icon you will be allowed to enable/disable Autoplay, set resolution preferences, select preferred video player (we will see how to set that) and more.

Svptube Options

Playing a Video

Simply, open YouTube’s website, search for desired content and then right-click on a link and copy the URL.

Copy Youtube Link

If autoplay is enabled the video will start playing in the set player immediately.

Video In Kmplayer

Else you will need to click on the SVPtube icon on the system tray and play the video manually.

Play Video Svp

Setting Default Player

For me the default player was set to KMPlayer and that’s what I always use. When I navigated to the right-click options -> Video Player I found that the default had been set for AVI files.

Video Palyer Options

You can click on Choose executables and change the player to your preference. For example, if you like VLC, navigate to its Program Files location and set its exe.

Vlc Exe Location


Before I found SVPtube, I tried numerous ways to stream YouTube videos. But this is the best so far. I implemented one using On Top Replica and it worked very well. Check out this article and you might be able to emulate the same behavior.

If you happen to try SVP do not forget to drop comments about your experiences.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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