How to Limit Download and Upload Rates for Dropbox

Not all people are fortunate enough to have high speed internet service providers in their city or locality. And when one has to compromise on the speed, one has to master the art of using the bandwidth wisely. The bandwidth must be spread across all processes so that there is relative consumption and you do not have to negotiate with important tasks.

Tools like file downloaders, cloud storage apps and program updaters generally gobble a lot of bandwidth and speed down our browsing activity. In the same context, it could be a good idea to manually limit the allocated bandwidth and gain some for general purpose tasks.

Here’s how to do it on Dropbox. Navigate to Dropbox’s system tray icon, right-click on it and open the Preferences.

Dropbox Preferences

Highlight the Bandwidth  tab and set your desired download and upload limits. Simple, isn’t it?

Dropbox Bandwidth

Similarly, the limits can be updated and changed on most downloading tools. I generally zero the upload limit when I am using peer based download tools and lagging on internet speed. 🙂

What are your tricks when it comes to saving bandwidth?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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