How to Fix Android GPS to Locate Yourself Faster

When you are trying to find directions on Google Maps, or planning to check-in to a place on Foursquare, it can be annoying when the GPS takes ages to lock your position. Although it’s always recommended to use GPS on a clear ground, what are the odds that you check-in to an open-air restaurant? Few, right?

So, today I am going to talk about two ways to polish your Android’s GPS to get a lock on your position in considerably less time.

Use Assisted GPS (AGPS)

Assisted GPS, as the name indicates, is the feature to assist your GPS to get a lock on your position quickly. Assisted GPS uses the nearby Wi-Fi hot-spots and cell towers to triangulate your location and thus gives your GPS a boost.

Location Service

To enable assisted GPS on Android open Settings—>Location and put a check against the option Use Wireless Networks or Google’s location service (may vary from device to device). After enabling the feature the phone will use data from sources such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine your approximate location.

Use GPS Fixes

A) GPS Aids

GPS Aids is a free Android app that makes your GPS more efficient. The app basically enhances your GPS by using more precise time estimation from a NTP server near you. The app works for both rooted and non-rooted devices but rooted devices can download extra data to calibrate their GPS even better.

Gps Aids 1
Gps Aids

The app is very easy to use. After you install it, launch the application, select your phone model from the list and press the start button. That’s all, the app will automatically do the rest. It may ask you to grant it root access in the middle of the process, but even if you don’t have root access, its gonna work just fine.

B) GPS Status & Toolbox

GPS Status & Toolbox is a little geeky in looks than GPS Aids and apart from fixing the GPS it also displays your GPS sensor data, position and signal strength of the geosynchronous satellites along with compass behavior.

Gps Toolbox

One can fix the compass, accelerometer and AGPS data from the tools provided in the app.


I am confident that after following these guidelines you will definitely see an improvement in your device’s GPS connectivity. Do tell us how it worked out for ya.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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