Plan an American Road Trip the Right Way with Roadtrippers

You can bet that Dennis Hooper never used this road trip planning website when he set out with his pal Peter Fonda across America in Easy Rider. They would have planned it out better. Of course, it would have been a joy ride but maybe not so much for us in the aisle seats of the cinema theaters.

Road trips are a popular American pastime, but they happen across the world too. The journey is the destination and that’s why it helps to plan it out in good detail. Why not, when you have web applications like Roadtrippers to help you out. Roadtrippers is a trip planning website that is based on Google Maps.


The map helps you create a basic route plan for your trip. But Roadtrippers also gives you a good set of information on what’s available along your route that ranges from accommodation to eating joints…from history to the offbeat. The site for now lists 20,000 attractions around America, most of which are hand-curated by the team behind the road trip planning website.

As Roadtripper says – it centralizes discovery, planning & booking into one beautifully designed experience so that you can plan your trip quickly and just get on the road.

Here’s how you quickly plan a road trip…and discover more.


Mapping your route is as you would do on a Google Map with start and end points. You can also include waypoints that could take you to interesting places along the route.

1. Click on Find Places to start planning your trip around the sights and sounds as advertised by the left column. Click on services like Attraction, Accommodations, Entertainment, and more to locate the ones you want to go to on the trip. A distance slider on the top helps you fine-tune your selections.


2. Each point you choose gets added as a waypoint. You can also view a brief info on each place with photos. Log-in because it then lets you add more than 6 points.


3. The place markers on the map help you plan your trip around essentials like accommodation (and type of accommodation), and food. The one thing I missed seeing were refuel points.

4. There are some sights which you might not be able to go to on this trip. You can save them for later and create a bucket list in which to record them. Roadtrippers displays them on a map when you click on the list. Perhaps, you can plan your next trip around those places.

5. Roadtrippers also displays information like distance traveled, time taken, and fuel costs.

If you are a traveler of the free order, you will also like the blog at Roadtrippers. It is filled with interesting tidbits on places and their unique stories.

Roadtrippers is a very slick mashup of Google Maps and precisely collected travel information. Plan a trip and tell us how convenient it was for you. Did you enjoy the experience?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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