How to Bookmark Multiple Video Positions in KMPlayer

We saw recently what you could do when you want to save the position of play in a video in Windows Media Player. KMPlayer’s Remember Last Played  option helps me do the same thing. When I have this checked, I am assured to resume at the same location even if I close my player.

Remember Played Position

You may activate the same by right-clicking on the player (when your video is running) and navigating to Playback.

There is one more feature offered by KMPlayer, Bookmarks/Chapters, and it has more potential than just playback. Let us see more of it.

Bookmark Chapter Options

We bookmark web pages so that we can get back to them later without much hassle. Similar is the bookmark feature here. While the video is playing we can bookmark any location and get back exactly there later. Moreover, we can create multiple bookmarks (at multiple locations) on the same video in a single instance.

All you need to do is, hit the P key at the time you want to create a bookmark. Alternatively, right-click on the player and navigate to Bookmarks/Chapters and click on Add to bookmarks.

Showing Bookmarks

There are more options within this menu to help you edit, remove or toggle bookmarks. Once you add a bookmark it will appear on the list. On clicking the same your video will start playing again (from the point of bookmark).

If you have Auto delete when selected  checked, the bookmark which you click to play from the list, disappears. If you want to keep them for more than one-time watch, keep this option unchecked.

Remove bookmark or Edit bookmarks open up a different window named Bookmark Editor. You may delete or add new bookmarks here.

Bookmark Editor

Additionally, if you choose to Edit  any of those you will be allowed to give it a name for easy identity. Like, I have named one of them as Test.

Bookmark Title

Alt + PgUp and Alt + PgDn and the options associated with them are pretty clear to understand. I assume they require no explanation.


Next time when you find something interesting on a video, do not forget to bookmark it. You might want to share the frames with your friends. I hope this is going to help you and make your movie watching experiences better.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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