WinPenPack Helps You Use Portable Software From Thumb Drives

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Few months back we reviewed the

Portable Apps Suite

, a neat application that could download and

run portable applications

on any computer from your pen drive. The tool is very useful for people who usually have to work on a shared computer and are particular about the tools they work on, plus want to stay safe from a security and privacy point of view.

Portable Apps Suite is still an amazing way to carry portable apps on a removable drive but what’s the harm in discussing another amazing tool that can help you with the same. WinPenPack is yet another open-source project that brings a collection of most frequently used programs in form of portable apps so that one can save and run them directly using a removable drive.

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WinPenPack Overview

WinPenPack comes in three different packages – Full, Essential and Personal. The full and the essential packs, as the name describes, come bundled with all and essential portable apps respectively. All you need to do is, download and extract the package on your removable drive and run the WinPenPack executable file. Personal package, on the other hand, comes with just the WinPenPack tool, and you will have to download and integrate the portable tools you require manually.


After you download the personal package file on your computer, extract its content to your removable drive. Having done that, run the executable file. This is how the tool will look like, and we will have to add our preferred apps manually into it. To do so, download the portable tool package from the WinPenPack repository on your system. The file will be archived as zip file, and you will have to import it into the tool.

Portable Apps

To import the file, right-click in the tool and select Add software. Now browse and select the zip package of the portable app you have downloaded. The tool will then copy the portable app to your pen drive and add an icon in the WinPenPack launcher. After adding the portable app you can delete the downloaded zip file.

Add New Package

You can add separators, update or delete an app, run it as administrator etc all from the right-click menu. As you can use the app to store some of your personal files on the pen drive itself, the search tab makes it easier to locate them along with the apps installed.



So try out the app to supercharge your removable drive and explore all the wonderful portable apps that you can save and use directly from your USB drive. Don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding this cool tool in the comments below.

Top Image Credits:  xjara69

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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