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We have covered quite a few tools using which you can edit and enhance your photos on your computer easily. However, I now-a-days try to do most of the basic photo editing work on my Android. Seriously, you can’t just use a phone like HTC One X with quad core processor and a GB of RAM just for calls and SMS, can you?

So today I will talk about an amazing app for Android, which could well become your go to app when you need to edit photos. People who are thinking that they already got Instagram, all I want to say is that Instagram is not an editing app. All it does is apply some retro effects on photos and share it online. I am talking about a tool that has a bit more than that.

Aviary Photo Editor App

Aviary is a beautiful application to help you edit and beautify your photos with ease. Photo editing on smartphones has never been easy due to smaller screen size and limited resources, but things look different now. With Aviary on your Android, you won’t need to niggle next time your photos need a bit of a retouch.

Overview of Aviary for Android

Before we proceed any further, I suggest you install Aviary on your devices so that you can try out the app as you read. The app works on all the devices that run on the Froyo version or above. When you launch the app, it will display all the photos in your device using an image flow. You can slide and choose the image you want to edit or open the gallery if you feel comfortable that way. If you want to try the tool on a fresh photo, tap the camera button to activate the shutter.

Aviary For Android 2

Finally, when you have loaded the image, the app will load the photos with a set of tools at the bottom tray. My suggestion would be that you explore all the effects one by one on a particular image. In this article we will emphasize on some of the important ones.

Aviary For Android

The Enhance  mode enhances your photo lighting condition. It gives you Auto, Night, Backlit and Balance mode to give your photo the perfect lighting. The Effects  part is what you can say may be the Instagram killer. With 12 free effects and some paid ones, you can shine your photos like a new dime. Don’t forget to tap the Apply  button when you want to confirm the changes.

Aviary For Android 6
Aviary For Android 7

The Orientation and Crop options can help you with a little adjustment while Whiten will help you with the perfect smile. The Text and Draw button will give you the freedom to show you creativity on the photos. When you are done with the editing, you can press the menu button to save the image on your SD Card. Long press on the image gives you sharing option.

Aviary For Android 5
Aviary For Android 4


That was pretty impressive for a smartphone photo-editing app, don’t you think? Try it out and let us know if you think this could potentially replace other photo apps on your Android. Let us discuss in the comments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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