[Quick Tip] Quickly Copy Cell Value or Fill a Series in MS Excel

Sandeep Agarwal

MS Excel is the ultimate tool to choose if you want to maintain rows and columns of data, and want to apply some basic rules like filtering, sorting and data conditions. However, working on the same and editing or copying cell values is a little time consuming and, kinda boring.

Here is a cool tip on multiple ways of copying a cell value to the rows beneath it or filling the rows with a number series.

Method 1

Select a cell or a number occupied cell that you would like to copy to or fill the series with, in the cells below it. Hover towards the bottom right corner of the cell till your mouse pointer turns into a cross symbol.


Now drag the cross up to the row till where you would like to copy the selected cell or fill the number series with. When you leave the mouse a tiny box would appear. Click on that box and choose the option that fits best to your requirement.


Method 2

Select a cell and drag the cross symbol while holding the Ctrl key to fill the rows with continued series. Doing so with the Alt key held will copy the cell’s value to the rows till where you drag the mouse pointer.

Method 3

If two consecutive row cells have the same value, you can select both of them and drag the cross symbol to copy the value to rows below them.


If they have consecutive number values, selecting them together and dragging them fills the series.


Do you think this will ease your tasks and working methods with an Excel sheet? Will it work as a time saver for you?  It does for me. Tell us what you think.

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