How to Create and Share Personal Video Messages With MailVU


Long time back we covered a tool called


using which a person could be easily record a private video message and send it to a contact via email. Guiding Tech reader Tony emailed us to let us know that SendShots seems to have shut down. Hence, a similar free tool was the need of the hour.

We have found a great alternative which works on the same concept but provides amazing added functionalities over SendShots.

MailVU is a useful online service that lets you record a video message and send it to your friend via email or broadcast it via a sharable link. To record a video, simply open the MailVU home page. You can record a video even without registering to the service.

MailUV Overview

MailVU recorder will ask your permission to use your webcam and microphone, confirming to which you will be able to see yourself on the onscreen recorder. If you have multiple input devices attached to your system you can select them manually by clicking the webcam and microphone button on the video preview screen.


When everything is at place, press the record button to record your video message. The maximum duration for a message is 10 minutes but there’s no limit to the number of messages you can send though.


After you have recorded the message, review it. If everything looks good, click on the send button to send it to a friend with a personal message. You can even generate a sharable link using which you can share it on a social network.

Send The Email
Share The Link

If you register for the service using a free account, you can keep track of all the videos you have recorded on MailVU. You can also create self-destruct messages that will automatically delete itself from the servers after the specific number of times they have been viewed.

Private Dash Board

MailVU also provides business accounts if you need to brand your mails and embed them on to a page.


MailUV provides all of the above at what it claims without any hidden charges. The videos can be viewed not only on a PC but can be easily streamed on Android and iPhones as well. So try out the service and send some video messages to your friends. Don’t forget to share your feedback about the service.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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