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IMDb is a great online service to know anything and everything about movies. It’s like an encyclopedia dedicated to them. However, it would be tough to disagree when I say that IMDb can be confusing at times for a simple user who just wants to look up a brief summary of a movie. is a cool web service that gives you a basic overview of the movies in the simplest way possible. Before we proceed any further, let’s use the service to search for a movie. To do so, open the homepage and type in the movie name in the search bar. The service will provide you suggestions as you type, and you can select the one who want the summary for.

Search For A Movie

After you have searched for a movie, will provide you with a basic summary of the movie along with its user ratings, movie duration, genre and the HD trailer. The best thing about it is the presentation and as we are talking about movies, it wouldn’t be improper to share this awesome video from Megamind here.

The backdrop it provides while viewing the summary adds to the experience.

Movie Summary

Note: By default, the backdrop of the movie cannot be downloaded by simple right-click, but we will show you a trick to save it to your computer at the end of the post.

Another great thing about is the torrents. If an official DVD of the movie has been released, you can get the torrent to download the movie along with the subtitles using the magnetic link provided on the summary page. You can even rent the movie from Netflix if the service is available in your country.

Note: While we’re talking about torrents, we should mention that there’s always the thing about piracy and torrent trackers that are not trustworthy. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not doing anything illegal. We at Guiding Tech neither condemn nor condone piracy.

If you register for the service, you can create lists like have watched, to watch, etc. and keep track of your favorites. The Top 50 section gives you the top 50 recent and popular movies based on the other users watch list. If you want to go for more, you may click on the IMDb or TMDb links to open the respective pages for the movie.

Now, as promised, here’s a way to get the backdrop you get for movies on summary page.

How to Download the Backdrop

Step 1: On Chrome browser, right-click anywhere on the backdrop on the movie summary page and select View page source.

Right Click To View Page Source

Step 2: On the summary page, search for body{background-image:url and copy the image URL provided next to it (most probably on the 10th line).

Download Image

Step 3: Now open the copied URL on a new tab to open the image. You can save it on your computer using the right-click menu now.

To conclude, all I want to say is that if you want to get the basic information about a movie in simple and elegant way, and if you want to get their high-quality torrent download links too, is one of your best bets.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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