Screenleap: Quickly Share Screen in Seconds, No Installation

Do you think that screen sharing is only for designers and programmers; or for that matter, any one working in virtual teams? Maybe yesterday. Today, you couldn’t be more wrong. Screen sharing has many day to day uses. For instance, let’s suppose you found something funny while browsing Facebook and you can’t exactly share it with a link. You can share the screen quickly and give a quick tutorial.

Also, recently I had to show a friend how to go invisible on Facebook chat. I shared the screen with him in a second instead of typing out instructions.


When the word you are searching for is ‘quick’, try out Screenleap – one of the fastest, simplest, and easiest screen sharing apps I have come across.

Screenleap requires no installation. It runs off a Java applet from within any browser (usually every computer already has it installed). In fact, you don’t even need to log-in. But signing up has a few benefits which we shall look into here too.

As shown in the above screenshot, you just hit the green button and give the Java applet permission to run inside your browser. Screenleap displays a tiny toolbar with two options:


Pick one and instantly you get a few sharing options (a link; a nine digit code; email; and SMS). The sharing is only active as long as the session is on. You can also email and text others the link. You can send and share with as many of your co-workers or friends as you want.

With a sign-in, you can set up a contact list of the most frequent people you share screens with. They are sent invites to join in. It makes it easier for all to share screens between them. You get your own screen handle and whatever you broadcast is visible to those on your friend list. After that it runs in the same way as mentioned above.


Yes, there are no advanced options like chat, annotations, or other controls. But Screenleap is dead simple to use and very quick to start up. That’s what makes it a nice tool to keep around, though for more intense sessions you might prefer something like Google+ Hangout or LogMeIn.

Share your screens and share you feedback with us here.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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