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Almost all the phones provide the option of setting custom ringtones for specific contacts for identifying who’s calling you even without looking at your phone. But the trick doesn’t work when your phone is set to silent mode with vibration only. Because it vibrates just one way.

Today I will share a method using which Android users can set custom vibration patterns for their contacts or groups. Just imagine the fun in identifying who is calling you without looking at the phone even when it’s in the vibrate mode. Sounds amazing, right? So let’s get to work.

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Using Contact Vibrate on Android

Install and launch Contact Vibrate on your Android to get started. Before we begin, let me tell you that the app comes with some pre-configured vibration patterns. Tap the option Saved vibrations to have a look at them. To test a vibration, long tap a pattern and select the Test option. The phone will then start vibrating in that particular pattern. If you want to make that your custom vibration pattern, tap the New button.

Saved Vibrations
Cotact Vibrate Android 2

There are two modes in which you can create a vibration pattern. Tap mode and Morse mode. Let’s see how both of them work.

Tap Mode

In tap mode, there will be a big red colored box on the screen. The idea here is, think the vibration pattern in your head and then tap on the box in the exact same pattern. The phone will not vibrate right then, but the box will change color from red to green indicating that the pattern is being recorded.

Cotact Vibrate Android 6

When you are done, set the delay time and tap the Test button to feel your creation. If you create a mistake, use the Reset button to start over. Hit Save when you want to save the pattern.

Morse Mode

All I know about Morse mode is that whatever you type in the text box provided, the app will vibrate in the way the letters are represented using Morse code. When you are done with it, set the speed and delay time and save the vibration with a name.

Cotact Vibrate Android 5

Now that you have created a custom vibration, let’s set it to a pattern. On the app welcome screen, tap the option Set vibration for a contact. Scroll and search for the contact you want to apply the custom vibration to and put a check against the name. On the popup box tap Select vibration and select one from the saved vibrations list. You can also set contact name in Morse code as his or her vibration pattern directly.

Set For A Contact
Cotact Vibrate Android 3

In addition, you can set a master vibration for all the incoming calls from the Master vibration section.


Try out Contact Vibrate today and set custom vibrations for the contacts that frequently call you and get to know who’s calling even when the phone’s in your pockets. Know of any other similar app? Let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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