Auto Rotate Digital Camera Photos and Fix Their Orientation

Digitalcamera While taking photographs, we toggle the camera orientation between portrait and landscape to get the best scene. In modern-day digital cameras, these images auto-rotate themselves when you preview them on the camera. However, when you transfer these photographs to the computer and view them, all the photographs shot in landscape mode appear out of the line.

Furthermore, if you need to upload these pictures to an online photo sharing service, you will have to rotate them to their correct orientation so that viewers view them the way they are supposed to be viewed. Doing this task manually is usually time consuming and boring.

Today I will tell you about a highly useful app called JPEG-EXIF autorotate that can automatically rotate all your photos in the camera. When a digital camera takes a photo and saves it, an EXIF orientation metadata is saved in each photo. This tool reads that data and then rotates the photo accordingly.

Exif Data

To use the tool install it on your system first. Now right-click the folder that contains all your photos and select the option Autorotate all JPEGs in the folder (and in all sub-folders if it contains nested albums).

Autoroate Menu

The tool will open up the command prompt, read the EXIF data of all the photographs and rotate the ones that have the wrong orientation.

Exif Data Rotation

Note: The tool will work only on un-processed raw images from the camera.

The application processes hundreds of photo within a few seconds and is by far the best way to batch rotate multiple photos correctly. Do try out the tool the next time you are uploading your photos on the internet and share your experience.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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