How to Permanently Delete Files on Android With File Shredder


Few days ago I sold my used Samsung Galaxy S

through an online portal

. This one, like all the smartphones these days, had my data on its internal storage. I had to be sure that all my personal data on the internal hard disk was securely deleted and that no one could restore it using a third party

recovery tool like Recuva




First I thought of connecting my phone to the computer, mount its internal storage as an external drive and then use a tool like Eraser to securely delete files. But it came to me that it’s an Android I am using and there must be an app for this simple task.

And indeed, there were some and one of which seemed the most promising was the File Shredder by Lassi Marttala. File Shredder is a nifty app for Android that claims to securely delete your files on Android.

File Shredder for Android

Currently, the app does not provide any information regarding the algorithm it uses to delete the data. All it mentions is that it destroys the file by deleting it and overwrites the space with some random data. I tested the product on my Samsung Galaxy S, and indeed, all the data was erased securely and I was not able to retrieve any of it using a third-party application.

When you wish to secure delete a file on your phone, just download and install File Shredder from the Play Store and launch the application.

The app will list all the files and folders on your smartphone. Tap the plus button next to the file or folder you want to delete (be careful here, a file once deleted cannot be recovered). After you have added all the files and folders you want to securely delete to the list, tap the shredder button that appeared on the top right corner of the app.

File Shredder For Android 1
File Shredder For Android 4

The app will one again ask for your confirmation. After you allow the secure deletion, your phone might be irresponsive for a while depending upon the size of data you are trying to delete. My advice is not to use the phone till you see the notification of successful deletion on the notification drawer.

File Shredder For Android 3
File Shredder For Android 2


After the files are deleted securely, you can hand over your phone to anyone you feel like without a wrinkle on your head for any of your sensitive data. File Shredder is there to take care of it. Do try out the app and share your experience with us.

Top Image Credit: Kai Hendry

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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