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Sandeep Agarwal

dropbox-portable.pngThough I like to maintain an organized computer (keeping all my files in a folder and sub-folder structure), I also have the habit of putting things temporarily on my desktop. At the same time I work on multiple machines, so there is always a chance that I have something half done on one machine.

When this happens, I have to put in a lot of manual effort to transfer a file or folder to the other machine (when the task needs to be completed there). In my search for a solution to collaborate both my machines I came across a wonderful process elaborated by Travis Pflanz.

He suggests how we can easily move a location like Desktop and My Documents to Dropbox. Doing so narrows down the manual effort of moving files physically. This also means that both machines would be updated with each other’s contents (based on what has been moved) at any moment.

Let us see how to do it.

Steps to Move Desktop to Dropbox

I implemented the process for desktops on both my machines. Nevertheless, it can be done for other folders like My Documents and Libraries. It would work for more than two computers as well.

Before we begin let us take a look at the contents of my Dropbox folder.


Let us also take a look at the contents of my Desktop.


Step 1: Create a new folder inside the Dropbox hierarchy. I named it as Desktop (for simplicity of understanding) because that is what I wanted to move.

Step 2: Navigate a step ahead into the folder that you just created and take note of the location. Or rather, copy the location into the clipboard.


Step 3: Open the desktop location from your user folder. It should be something like C:\Users\Sandeep\Desktop.

Step 4: Right-click on an empty space and choose Properties. On the Properties dialog highlight on Location tab.


Step 5: Click on the button named Move and paste the location that you had copied in Step 2 in the browse window that would show up.


Step 6: Save the location and Apply the settings. You will be asked for a move confirmation before the process is initiated; Click on Ok.


Step 7: Repeat steps 2 to 6 on the other computer (or more than that) and start enjoying the availability of desktop contents on both the machines at all times.

Let us now take a look at the contents of Desktop folder in Dropbox.



Give it try, if not for your desktop, maybe you would like to apply it on other special folders. And do not forget to talk about experiences in the comments section. If you know of similar tricks drop a note and we will try and elaborate it in the form of an article.

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