Control Music Playing On Different Sites on Chrome From One Page

Lately, we have been bringing you some simple Chrome extensions that do a single job and in most cases, do it rather well. Music Controller is another such Chrome extension. It’s pretty much easy to understand the reasons for developing this Chrome extension. It is a ‘problem’ we face every time we go to an online music streaming site and even to YouTube.

The Music Controller extension allows you to control all the music playing in your browser from a single point. As the name says, the extension senses the music that’s playing in your tabs, and it gives you a controller pop-up to control the playback of the song. Music Controller works with YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark, Google Music, Rdio, & MOG.

Music Controller01

Agreed, you won’t be playing all the six services simultaneously, or even two for that matter. But with Music Controller, you can better manage the tabs you have open playing music. You can pause or mute one while you switch to the one you want to listen to. Then switch back to another one. All via the handy little pop-up on the toolbar which lists the songs currently playing.

I tried Music Controller on the services. There are some country restrictions of course, but I managed to get it to play Grooveshark and Pandora without a hitch. Google Music, Rdio, & MOG were blocked because it is not accessible outside the U.S. and there detection is pretty stringent. There are of course ways to get past that restriction which I am sure the savvy Guiding Tech readers among you know.

YouTube was a disappointment, because Music Controller just wouldn’t detect it. Apart from this YouTube limitation, Music Controller seems to do the job. It adds a tiny dash of productivity to the way we listen to our music.

Try out Music Controller and let us know if it works for you.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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