How to Schedule or Delay Email Delivery In MS Outlook


Have you ever been caught up in a scenario where you wanted to send out an email(s) at a particular time and day but you knew that you would not be able to do so? There could be multiple reasons behind this, like, unfavorable time, your busy schedule or unavailability of a computer or phone.

While there is a handy solution to this for Gmail, in the form of Boomerang, I haven’t been able to discover much for other email services. What I mean is to be able to draft messages and schedule or delay their delivery to a very specific and precise time/day.

The trick, however, is very simple for MS Outlook users. And since I have moved on to using the client, it works as a lifesaver for me. Here are the steps.

Steps to Schedule Outlook Mails

All you need to do is a little planning on your emails and follow these two straightforward steps.

Step 1: Start creating a new email message. Navigate to the Options  tab and click on Delay Delivery  under the section for More Options.

Options Delay Delivery

Step 2: Under Delivery Options, check the box reading Do not deliver before. Then, set the date and time at which you would like your email to shoot out.

Schedule Date Time

Optional: The above two steps are pretty much enough to configure what you need. But what if there is a malfunction and your message is not delivered at the right time? What if it is delivered at a time (later than desired) such that the mail does not have any significance?

You would rather want that the mail not be delivered, if not on time. So, I recommend that you also check the box reading Expires After and set a date and time against it. This would mean that the mail will not be delivered/ attempted to be delivered post expiry time if the schedule fails for some reason.

Step 3: Hit on Close and be assured that the message will remain in Outbox until the defined date and time arrives. Once it does, your message will be delivered as normal.

Note: Remember that your machine should be on with an active internet connection and MS Outlook running at that moment. This should not be a problem for you I hope.


With this you can easily fool your boss; schedule emails and make him believe that you are still in office while you are off to watch a movie with your friends. Easy, right? Well, on a more serious note, this is certainly a cool feature in MS Outlook and truly helpful at times.

Especially, when you need to communicate with team mates who work in different shifts and you do not want to send mails during your work hours just because (s)he would miss it from the cluttered inbox. Rather, if it is delivered when the receiver is at desk, your mail would grab immediate attention.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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