ChartBRAIN: Watch Top Music Videos from Different Sites at One Place

When you have to watch music videos where do you go to? Chances are that you are going to type in YouTube. But YouTube gives you a disorganized way of watching music videos, and by the same token, some of the enjoyment is left behind.

The next time you want to catch up on what’s the latest that’s hitting the music charts check out ChartBRAIN. ChartBRAIN lets you watch the top music videos online for free.

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The free video music site taps the best music charts on the web each week and turns them into streaming video playlists. The second good thing about ChartBRAIN is that the playback of the stream is continuous, so you can just sit back and enjoy the videos as they countdown (or count-up!).

But that’s not the only good thing. Let’s click into ChartBRAIN.

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The visual design of ChartBRAIN is obviously inspired from Pinterest. But the developers have been artfully clever in the way they have turned ChartBRAIN into an online jukebox. Yes, the wrapper is Pinterest-styled design, but the content is sourced from – you guessed it – YouTube.

The clever bit is in arranging all those YouTube videos around ten music charts that are popular around the world. So you have the Billboard Hot 100 and also iTunes Top50 to choose from.

Music Videos Chartbrain03

The play mode buttons on the left give you some viewing and listening controls. You can play all music videos in an automatic stream with Countdown All  or choose the Top 10 countdown. Alternatively, click on Shuffle for some serendipitous discovery.  Or just forget all that and pick a single song.

The Music Watching Experience Itself

It’s absolutely no frills. The best thing I like about ChartBRAIN is that login is optional. I can straightaway start with the music videos. I can watch them as a HD stream, skip to the next one, and add a music video to my favorites. If you want to make playlists of your favorite videos then sign up with the free account.

There doesn’t seem to be a search function, but you can use the alphabetical list of all videos featured on the site.

Music Videos Chartbrain04

Lots to Like

I personally like watching my videos in an uncluttered way and so far ChartBRAIN gives me that. No ads to spoil the mood. The interface is very minimalistic, even more than the original Pinterest design. The developers probably will add more music charts soon. It would be great to have country specific charts. That would take some doing but should make ChartBRAIN bring itself up a notch.

Jive away on ChartBRAIN and tell us your first impressions.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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