How to Transfer Passwords From LastPass to KeePass the Right Way

The problem with using a password manager (LastPass in my case) is that switching to a new product in order to see how it works means transferring your passwords and usernames from the present tool to the new one. Sometimes, this task could seem a little daunting if the data is big. Not if you are a Guiding Tech reader though.

While reviewing KeePass, I was looking for a way to export all my data from LastPass to KeePass so that I can try it for a few days. And indeed I was successful in doing it. So let’s see how you can transfer password details from LastPass to KeePass the right way.

Steps to Transfer Data From LastPass to KeePass

Step 1: Download and run LastPass Pocket, the portable version of LastPass password manager for Windows. Log in to your LastPass account using LastPass Pocket. Just make sure you are connected to the internet.

Login To Lastpass Pocket

Step 2: Once LastPass syncs all your secured data from the server, click on File –>Export.


Step 3: Select the option to export the data in plain text CSV format. Provide your LastPass password again, select the location where you want to save the CSV file and click on the Export button.

Export Your Data

Step 4: After exporting the file, close LastPass pocket and open the CSV file in excel (or any other CSV editor you prefer). Delete the favorite column (the last column) from left. Finally save and close the file.

Step 5: Now open KeePass and create a new database file. We have already discussed how you can create and configure a new database while reviewing KeePass. Having done that, click on File and select Import. If you want to import the data in an existing database, you can do that too.

Keepass Import

Step 6: In the Import File/Data window, select Generic CSV Importer under the General tab and load the CSV file we created using LastPass.

Import File Data

Step 7: KeePass will now load the CSV file and open up a CSV importer wizard. In the wizard, open the Structure tab. Here, you will need to specify the layout of the CSV file you are importing.

The fields should be in this exact order: URL, User Name, Password, (Ignore), Title and Group. If you don’t see a field, or if you see an extra field, use the configuration section near it to add or delete columns.

Note: Arranging the fields in the correct order is very important

Csv Importer

Step 8: Finally, preview the data and click on the Finish button.



Exported Data

That’s all, your data will be imported successfully from LastPass to KeePass with all the groups intact. Don’t forget to delete the CSV file you used to import the data from LastPass to KeePass. To be extra sure, delete the file using a secured algorithm.

Once you have all your LastPass data in KeePass, try it out. Don’t forget to share which one of the two you would use for a long term.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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