Why GO SMS Pro for Android is Better than Stock App

Over the months, we have talked about numerous apps that make your Android even better. However, I have realized lately that other than making calls, SMS is the next vital task cell phones are used for and we are yet to cover significant content on that front. Well, it’s never too late for a good post and today we’ll share a great app that makes texting experience on Android amazingly better.

Though an Android comes with a stock SMS app, it only provides some basic SMS features. Today we’ll take up GO SMS Pro, a really cool messaging app for Android that brings some jaw-dropping features to your Android SMS inbox.

Go Sms For Android App

Important Update: TechCrunch reported about the GO SMS Pro app for Android carrying a bug that potentially exposes photos, videos, and other files on your phone. Till the developers release a proper update to fix the bug, we recommend moving to the default Messages app with Android RCS messaging or using the Microsoft SMS Organizer app.

So, without further ado, here are the reasons for using GO SMS Pro and not the default Android text message/SMS system.

Secure SMS using Private Box

Using GO SMS you can easily secure text messages of selected contacts and hide them from the prying eyes of people around you. Private box is a feature of GO SMS Pro that encrypts selected SMS using a password. We have already discussed how you can set up private box on Android in the past. So let’s keep rolling and see the rest of the features.

Schedule SMS

If were to ask me the one feature I miss the most on the stock Android messaging app, it would be the power to schedule an SMS. Suppose you want to wish your friend on his birthday at midnight, or you might want to send a periodic reminder to someone. The facility to schedule an SMS can really come in handy in such situations. To schedule one on GO SMS, pull up the menu and select Schedule from the Services tab. Again select New Schedule from the menu.

Schedule Sms
Go Sms For Android 4

You must now compose the SMS, provide the contact information and set the future date and time you want to send the SMS at. If you want to make the SMS periodic, click on the Repetition dropdown menu and select the type of repetition you want. Once you have done all that, click on the commit button to save the settings.

Go Sms For Android 2
Go Sms For Android 3

The message will be sent out at the specific date and time automatically.

Backup and Restore SMS

Though there are many Android and PC applications to backup and restore messages, GO SMS just integrates it right to your inbox. Why use individual apps, one to read SMS and other to back them up when you can do all of them under the same roof?

To create a backup using GO SMS, open the Services tab again but select SMS B&R (Backup and Restore) this time. Put a check on the type of backup you want to take. To configure additional backup settings, press the settings button right next to the backup button. Once you have configured that, press the Backup button. You can also forward the file to your email.

Sms Backup And Restore
Go Sms For Android 5

When you want to restore the SMS, select the Restore tab and press the Restore button. If you have any GO SMS backup file on your SD card, the app will automatically scan for the latest and restore the SMS with the exact date and time on which you received the SMS.

Black List SMS

SMS or a text message is a great way to communicate when you have to convey a short message to someone really quick. But sometimes they can be irritating as hell. Many telemarketing companies have nothing else to do but to spam inboxes with promotional stuff most of the people really don’t care about.

GO SMS gives you peace of mind by automatically hiding these SMS alerts as well as the messages from the inbox. If you already have the SMS in your inbox you want to blacklist, long press on the message thread and select Add to blacklist.

Go Sms For Android Features 3

To set up advance SMS blocking, swipe your GO SMS screen from left to right and select SMS Blocker from the list of installed apps.

Go Sms For Android 6
Go Sms For Android Features 4

The SMS blocked tab is your blacklisted inbox. On the Block Settings you can create custom rules to blacklist SMS. These rules can be based upon contained text, number prefix, etc. GO SMS also has an AI based SMS blocking feature you can try.

Go Sms For Android Features 1

Auto Reply to incoming SMS and Missed Calls

You are in a meeting, and you cannot take up calls or reply to SMS but at the same time you don’t want to appear rude. The Auto reply feature of GO SMS can really help you out here. You will find the Auto replay feature in the Services tab itself, select it.

Go Sms For Android 1

Now, select the message you want to send automatically (select the text and not the green dot) to set up the settings. Edit the text and set up the rules of Auto reply. Once you are done, touch the Save button.

Autoreply 2
Autoreply 1

Click on the Safeguard text to specify when the Auto reply feature should go off automatically. This is really helpful to cut down cost if you have to pay for your outgoing SMS.

Go Sms For Android 7


That’s not all. Do try out the app and explore all its other nifty features that we didn’t cover in the post, leaving on you to find out. I am sure it will do a lot better than your stock app. What do you think?

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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