Use Buffer for Productive Scheduling of Tweets & Facebook Updates

Much has been made of social media using it at precise hours of the day to maximize its productivity. There are even apps like Timely and Hootsuite (among many) which will do the job of finding out the optimum time by analyzing your past 199 tweets. They even post the tweets for you. But I was looking for a more comprehensive solution that will help me productively schedule my updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I came across Buffer which I chose over Hootsuite to handle my multiple social profiles and manage my message scheduling.


Both Buffer and Hootsuite have free and commercial plans. Though the free plans are limited, they are adequate for handling a normal run of messages. The free plan includes 10 posts per day, with 1 Twitter, 1 Facebook, and 1 LinkedIn accounts.

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You can log into Buffer with your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. Buffer has browser add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Using these add-ons and extensions you can share any webpage without needing to log-into a separate client. All you have to do is click on the Buffer button when you’re on a webpage you’d like to share.


A Buffer dialog box pops up as above with the page link. You can add your own message, comment, photo, or selected text from the webpage. This message can be posted immediately or stored in Buffer until the next scheduled time for posting.

Tweak your Schedule Times for Postings


Buffer gives you four default timing patterns according to four high-use times of the day. As you can see from the screen above, you can change them and set your own patterns by clicking on New Buffering pattern. Schedules can be configured for everyday or for different days of the week with different times. You can also create a buffering pattern that will set it to do less on certain days. For instance – on weekends.

So, in case you don’t send out messages immediately, you can queue (buffer) ten messages at a time every day and send them out according to the pre-set schedule.

Managing Your Buffer


The Dashboard is where it’s all done. You can see your entire queued list of messages here. Edit or delete them if you so wish. You can also re-order or post them immediately. There is an analytics section too which gives you a breakup of your tweeting and messaging activity via Buffer.

Buffer is everywhere…unobtrusively

Apart from the browser button, Buffer also introduces an unobtrusive apps and extension for a variety of apps (23 at last count).


Look into the Buffer via Email one where you can use your email account to add to your buffer. It is super-simple.

Here’s a little glimpse into a few more of them –


Buffer is a simple social media management application that takes away your excuse of not being connected more often. You can schedule your tweets and messages when you don’t have too much on your plate. Buffer will send them out for you.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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