Create You Own Stock Watcher Widget (& Make it Stay on Top)

Are you a regular player in the stock market? If so, you must be acquainted to a number of websites and tools/widgets that help you browse through information and continuously monitor the ups and downs in the stock prices.

How about creating your own customized stock watcher that stays on top of other windows and keeps a track of your favorite stock while you are working on other stuff? Sounds interesting? Let us see how to get it done.

Steps to Create a Stock Watcher

To reach our objective we are going to use a tool called On Top Replica, which can clone any window and keeps it on top of other running applications. Though the tool has a lot of potential, we are going to use only some of its basic features for creating the widget.

Also, we would fetch our data using Google’s Search bar (gives you results when you type a stock symbol). At the end of the post you will learn that you may choose any source.

Note: This is not a guide on how to use On Top Replica. For details on that, read this article.

Step 1: Open Google in a browser and type the stock ticker symbol that you wish to monitor. Keep the tab highlighted and do not minimize (ensure these two things throughout) the browser.

Stock On Google

Step 2: Install On Top Replica (if you still haven’t) and launch the application. A grey colored empty dialog box will appear.

Step 3: Right-click on this interface, navigate to Select Window and choose the application/browser on which you have opened your stock information. In my case it is Google on Firefox (as in the image).

Select Browser Program

The result of this is that the browser tab/window gets cloned on to On Top Replica’s interface. And this is what lets you innovate with the tool.

Clone Window

Step 4: This time, right-click on the cloned window and choose Select Region. This because I am sure you would not be interested in the entire window. In our example I need the area from Google search that shows the stock result.

Select Cut Region

Step 5: Drag the cross lines over the area you want to cut out (only the cut out portion will remain on the clone interface) and hit on Done on the helper dialog that appears along with.

Cut Out Display Area

Step 6: That is it; your widget is ready and will always stay on top. You may resize the window by dragging the edges and place it by your convenience.

Example Stock Widget

Quick Tip: If the source that you select has static results and you need to refresh the page to update results, you may configure auto refreshes on that tab. That’ll make the widget truly dynamic, providing the most current information all the time.


So, got your hands on some of the Facebook stock? Why not use our method to keep an eye on it for a few days. You know, may be the price surges so much that you’d want to sell it and make a quick fortune. ????

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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