System Explorer is an Efficient Task Manager Replacement

We have talked about task manager replacements before and how they are useful in getting more information about the processes running in your system. System Explorer is another such tool. And it’s really good. It has number of features and options that make it a worthy alternative to the default task manager.

By using this application you can view all the tasks and running processes of your PC along with the performance. You can see how much physical memory your computer is consuming while running all the processes and all in a much better interface than the task manager.

Additionally it also provides you lots of other options such the ability to view network connection, manage startup applications, and uninstall any program from right inside the tool.

In the screenshot given below you can clearly see the various options on the left. By clicking on any of the options you will see the results on the right side. For example, I clicked on “Tasks” button and it displayed all the tasks running on my computer. Similarly it will show results for Processes, Modules and Performances.


If you click on the Process tab, you will see all the processes running on computer along with the CPU usage. If we right click on any running process we will find more details and more options to deal with that process.

System Explorer2

You can see process history and take screenshot of any process. This program sits on system tray while minimized.

System Explorer is also available in portable version which you can put on your thumb drive.


  • Get information about tasks, processes, modules, services, drivers, connections, Windows, open files, startups and IE add-ons.
  • Provides option to uninstall any program.
  • Provides VirusTotal and Jotti option to check any suspicious file.
  • Build system report in one click.
  • Easy search details about file/process via online databases.
  • You can run New Task which is integrated with AutoSearch and AutoCompletion features.
  • Provides options to browse for system utilities.
  • History option for monitoring processes activities.
  • Performance graphs for monitoring usage of system resources in time.
  • System Snapshots for easy finding of system changes.
  • Supports more than 20 languages including English, Korean and Spanish.
  • Available for Windows XP,Windows Vista or Windows 7

Check out System Explorer, a comprehensive and effective Windows task manager replacement.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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