See the Lyrics While Listening to Songs on Android With TTPod

I love to sing along when I’m listening to my favorite tracks. Though I usually remember most of the lyrics by heart, I sometimes miss bits and pieces here and there and thus I prefer to have a look at the lyrics while listening to the song (and when am in the humming mood).

It wasn’t long ago as recently when we discussed a cool app that made fetching lyrics for songs in multiple media players a cakewalk. But that doesn’t help if you are on the move. So, you need a smartphone app for that. TTPod is the best app to help you with that on Android and that’s what we’ll talk about in this post.

Lady Singing A Song

I have known TTPod from my Symbian days (when the likes of Android and iOS didn’t exist), and I must say when it comes to a mobile music players, this app’s been among the crème de la crème ever since. TTPod is basically a Chinese music player for smartphones but developers have translated pretty much everything to English for general use. You may encounter some Chinese scripts while using the music player, but most of the options and features are in English. (Image Credit: Pål Berge)

Lyrics on TTPod

TTPod is just like any other music player and comes with bagful of features to impress you. One such feature that I love about TTPod is the ability to sing along with the lyrics right in front of me. You must be thinking as to what’s new in the feature, there are plenty of apps on Google Play that fetch lyrics. The interesting thing with TTPod is that the lyrics fetched auto-scroll with the song while its playing, and thus it’s easier to sing along.

Ttpod Music Player For Android 11

Furthermore, the lyrics are not limited to the app itself, you can view them on top of most of the other applications. Whether you are composing an email or texting someone while listening to music, the lyrics will be there in front like a teleprompter. So let’s see how to use these features in the app.

The lyrics feature works best when all your music is properly tagged, so take your time and correct some of the tracks if you have to. Having done that, install TTPod on your Android device and add songs to the library.

If you are connected to the internet, whenever you play a song the player will identify the song and will automatically search the web and fetch the matching lyrics to your player. Just swipe to the left hand screen to go to the lyrics screen and sing along with the scrolling lyrics. You can just slide and scroll the lyrics to seek the song.

Ttpod Music Player For Android 10
Lyrics On Ttpod

Though almost all the lyrics fetched are accurate if you have tagged your tracks well, you might have to adjust one or two manually at times. To adjust a lyric long press the scrolling lyric and click on adjust lyrics. Now use the directional button to adjust it and then press the done button.

Ttpod Music Player For Android 1
Ttpod Music Player For Android 12

Accessing Lyrics Anywhere

That was all about fetching and reading lyrics as long as you are on the app. But it’s not always possible to stay on the app screen. You might get an email or SMS you need to respond to. This is where the TTPod onscreen widget comes to the rescue.

Ttpod Music Player For Android 3
Ttpod Music Player For Android 8

After you add the widget, just click on the show lyrics button to view the lyrics on your home screen. The lyrics will be on top of all the apps you will use, and you can easily touch and move it on your screen. Click on the lyrics to adjust the text size and color to suit the background color. You may play and pause the song using the lyrics widget itself.

Ttpod Music Player For Android 6
Ttpod Music Player For Android 9


So go ahead and try out the app on your device. If you are one of those who like humming while listening to songs of their favorite artists, you will definitely love TTPod. Don’t forget to share your views regarding the player.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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