Split Bills With Friends or Groups Easily Using Settle Up App

I love to hang out with friends for movies and dinners, and most of the time we go Dutch just to keep things less complicated. We have been using a shared online Google Docs spreadsheet ever since to keep track of all the money flow and settlement issues.

Though using a worksheet is a lot more easy when compared to pen, paper and calculators, it still has many limitations like managing the payment ratio, easy payment options etc etc. So here’s a great app for your smartphone that will help you split all your bills easily and accurately.

Settle Up For Android

Settle Up is a useful Android and iOS app (we will concentrate on Android in this post) that lets you split bills among friends and roommates easily. Once you install Settle Up, fire up the application to start bill sharing. First of all, you will have to make a new group of people you share your bills with often. They can be your flat mates, office colleagues or anyone else you usually go out with.

Creating Group and Splitting a Bill

While creating a new group, you will have to provide names of everyone who would participate (including you) and the currency system you follow. If the contacts along with their email address are in your phone book, they will be added automatically. If at all the details of the contacts are not present, you will have to provide them manually. Finally give the group a name and save it.

Settle Up For Android 1
Settle Up For Android 3

Once the group is created successfully, everyone will get an email from Settle Up informing that they have been added to a new group, and they can view it on their iPhone and Android. Once everyone has joined the group, splitting a bill is like eating a pie.

Whenever you have a fresh bill you want to share in your group, click on the New Payment option on the app and select the individual who paid the bill. Followed by that, select all the members of the group who were parts of the bill and enter bill amount and description.

Settle Up For Android 5
Settle Up For Android 6

If for some reason a person is entitled to pay more than one person share in the bill (like someone called a personal guest to a Dutch Treat) you can increase the payment weight of the person. While selecting the people to split the bill, click on Uneven Split to change the ratio.

Settle Up For Android 7

You can also take a snapshot of the bill for reference purpose. Finally, select Save payment  and synchronize the bill.

Viewing Bill

Settle Up For Android 11
Settle Up For Android 8

When the app installed on your friend’s device will have next sync, they will get a notification about the new bill added. Tap on the notification to open the Settle Up app to view the details. The payment logs section holds the logs of all the recent bills added to the group. If you think, your friends may have made an error, you can edit and correct the bill there.


Settle Up For Android 9

You can either pay directly from the app using your PayPal account, or you can use any other method like Cash, Bank Transfer and later reflect the same on the app to settle the debt.

The app is only for reference use only and cannot be trusted for sensitive bill settlement as there is no security feature. As anyone in the group can edit a bill, it’s just meant for friends or groups of people who need a quick, easy and efficient bill splitting solution.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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