Easily Fetch Lyrics of a Song in Multiple Media Players


I remember the hard time I had figuring out what Guns N’ Roses were belting when they sang November Rain. That was before the time of lyrics search engines and other MP3 tools that we take for granted today. It’s strangely surprising that multimedia players by default do not come with an automatic lyrics tool built in. But thanks to plug-ins which extend our reach and give us the lyrics, we don’t actually feel the vacuum.

LyricsSeeker is just such a plug-in that easily fetches the lyrics of a song and displays it in the media player of your choice. LyricsSeeker works seamlessly with iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player. LyricsSeeker is a tiny 578KB install and works on both Windows and Mac OS X systems. All you need is an internet connection that enables the lyrics search tool to match the song with the right lyrics.

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How Does LyricsSeeker Work With My Media Player?

LyricsSeeker sits on the system tray next to the clock. As the songs are playing in iTunes, Winamp 5.0 and above, or Windows Media Player 9 and above, LyricsSeeker uses the MetroLyrics database of over 1,000,000 songs and 20,000 artists to match lyrics to the song being played on your desktop music player.


LyricsSeeker displays a notification balloon on the system tray when matching lyrics are found. To open the lyrics, simply click the notification balloon or double click the reminder icon on your taskbar. The lyrics page is opened in your default browser.


You can change the time delay and balloon settings by right-clicking on the system tray icon and going to the app’s settings.

If you choose not to view the lyric, the balloon disappears and the icon changes color to suggest that the lyric is available at the click of a mouse. Of course, you can directly go to MetroLyrics and search with the title of the song, but LyricsSeeker completely automates the process and makes it much easier to view lyrics as you play an entire track list.

I threw quite a few songs at it (popular ones), and I was rarely disappointed. There were a few instances – for instance when the plug-in couldn’t get me the lyrics for La Isla Bonita (a very popular track by Madonna). MetroLyrics however has the song in its database.

LyricsSeeker is a no-fuss plugin if you really like to look up lyrics while listening to songs. There are others of course, like Evil Lyrics and Lyrics Plugin. So, which one is you favorite? Is there any other lyrics search tool you would like to recommend?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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