FacePAD Downloads Facebook Albums In One Click

UPDATE: The add-on has been removed from Firefox because Facebook has banned such extensions. If you want to download bulk download your albums and pictures, you’ll need to use a service like Pick&Zip. But services like these need you to allow them access to your Facebook account.

While uploading photos to Facebook is easy, downloading them isn’t. Facebook does not offer any direct method to bulk-download your albums or pictures. You have to rely on external tools if you intend to download photos from Facebook (or do it manually for each image which could be a cumbersome task).

If you are a Firefox user then you can use the FacePAD add-on to backup your Facebook albums on your PC.

FacePAD provides an easy and reliable way to download all images on one go. It saves a lot of time and effort

After downloading this extension go to Add-on settings in Tools> Add-ons. Click on “Options”.


It will open FacePAD preferences. Now you have to select your Facebook language from the drop down menu. This extension currently supports only 10 languages. So if you don’t find your Facebook language in the menu, select English.


So, if you use Facebook in English and chances are you do, then this add-on would work perfectly.

To download a Facebook album, right click on the album name and then click “Download Album with FacePAD” from the right-click menu. It will start downloading pictures to the default download folder.


The process is quick and smooth. When I tried it, it downloaded an album containing 10 photos in seconds.

Here’s a video showing the use of this tool.


  • Download Facebook albums in a single click.
  • Supports only 10 languages including English, Dutch and Chinese.
  • Easy to use.
  • For Firefox users only

Download Facepad [via Technobuzz.net]

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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