3 Best Download Extensions for Chrome

A few days back we talked about the three best download managers for Firefox. If you are anything like me, then you probably like to mirror the add-ons you have on Firefox with similar extensions on Chrome. That is, if you use both browsers like I do.

Even if you have chucked Firefox in favor of Chrome, these three download extensions for Chrome should play their part. If you have your own recommendations, pipe away in the comments. But before you reach there, here are my three picks for download extensions for Chrome.


Chrome Download01

Downloaders is a Chrome extension that you can use with an external downloader program. It supports most of the well-known download managers and accelerators like FlashGet, BitComet, Orbit, and more. You just have to press Ctrl+Alt and use the (left) mouse to click the link you want to download. Though, I haven’t tested it out on all the download managers mentioned on the extension page, it works well with FlashGet and Free Download Manager.

The cool thing about this add-on is that you can use it to download files with any other program (even Firefox) by specifying a custom path in the extension’s Options page.

Download Master

Chrome Download02

Download Master sniffs all hyperlinks on a webpage and helps you download all images, pdf, doc and any other file linked on the web page you are visiting. As the screen above shows, you can be selective with the files you want to download. The filters allow you to pick and choose the kind of file formats you want to download. But if there are a lot of links, I would advise you not to use this extension as it opens up an individual download window for each file.

Also, there’s no way you can cancel the download process once you have started it. I won’t say that the Download Master extension is great, though it saves you the chore of individually clicking on each download link on a webpage.

UPDATE: We’ve had to remove the third extension in this list because it wasn’t good enough. Both the above extensions should satisfy your download needs on Chrome, however, we do intend to add one more to this list once we find one which is as good (or better) as the above two.

Head to head, Firefox has much better download management tools. Chrome has quite a few specific extensions that are specific for sites like Rapidshare, YouTube, Hotfile, and their ilk. But not a really good download manager that could be called an all-rounder. Give us your recommendation or do you prefer to go with an external download manager rather than a Chrome extension?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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