Best of Guiding Tech in April 2012 and Cool Links From the Web

We are back with our monthly roundup of best posts from the previous month, and a collection of cool blog posts we’ve discovered while scouring through the interwebs. Check them out.

Best of Guiding Tech in April 2012

21 Incredibly Useful Bookmarklets For Better Online Browsing

If you are heavy user of bookmarklets, this is a post that should interest you. Even if you don’t use them much, you should take a look at the cool ones we’ve listed. You never know when they might come in handy.

15 Useful and Lesser Known Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know all of these Firefox keyboard shortcuts? We bet you didn’t!

5 Superb Chrome Add-ons to Enhance YouTube Viewing Experience

No more watching YouTube videos the conventional way. Watch them the way geeks do!

How to Track If Your Email Was Opened or Clicked in Gmail

Now you can know if that email you sent was ever opened and checked. Can be a very valuable info to have at times.

How to Disable 3-dot Menu On HTC One X and Map Menu to Task Switcher Button

This post addresses a nagging annoyance new HTC One X users face.

Cool Links From the Web

How to Burn Labels on the Back of Your Discs (CDs & DVDs)

A pretty interesting article on burning disc labels. Check it out.

How to Get the Old Gmail Look Back

Many have complained about Gmail’s new design and seem to desperately want the old look back. This article offers a workaround.

Want to Stop Using the Safely Remove Hardware Notification Icon?

Does that ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ notification in the Windows systray annoys you often? You can actually get rid of it. This tutorial explains how.

Say hello (or olá or halo or salam) to automatic message translation in Gmail

Gmail now automatically translates messages you receive in other languages into your language. Cool!

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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