How to Cut and Paste in Find­er in Mac OS X Lion With This Key­board Short­cut [Quick Tip]

This is a very short post about a cool tip that I believe a lot of Mac OS X Lion users don’t know about. It’s about the cut and paste command.

Windows users might not know this but all the versions of Mac prior to OS X Lion didn’t have the cut and paste functionality in Finder (Mac’s Windows Explorer) and users always had to copy, paste and then delete the file from its original location. OS X Lion took care of this but seems this trick hasn’t gone mainstream yet.

So here’s how you cut and paste a file in the Finder in Mac OS X Lion using a keyboard shortcut.

1. Select the file and do Command+C  as usual. Yes, we are using the same Copy command that we’ve been using.

2. Now, instead of doing Command+V which you’ve been accustomed to, do Command+Option(or Alt)+V. What this will do is automatically get rid of the file from its original location while copying it to the new location.

So, the cut and paste starts with the same step of copying the file first and the only change is the keyboard keys combination in the next step. The inclusion of Option key does the trick.

This shortcut also works with multiple files. So, Mac OS X Lion users, enjoy! 🙂

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