2 Android Alarm Clock Apps to Help You Get Out of Bed Fast

My day usually starts with the most Herculean task  – getting out of bed in the morning and getting out of it fast. I have always been dependent on a good alarm clock. If you were to ask me the ‘5 things I can’t live without’ question, an alarm clock would probably figure somewhere in that list too..or maybe it won’t. Because it’s a part of my Android smartphone now. All I need is an alarm clock app.

You might ask why an app when there’s already a nice, built-in stock alarm clock in Android. Well, for most it should be enough, but folks like myself who’ve always needed a little push to fight their slumber, we need the Android alarm clock to do something extra.

If you ask me, here’s is the best solution to oversleeping for smartphone users. (Image created by Manu from bonkersworld)

2012 04 13 The Solution To Oversleeping

But, unfortunately, this app doesn’t exist. So, by the time someone comes up with such an app for Android, I am sure these two apps will help you to rouse from your comfortable and cozy bed every day without fail.

Morning Routine Free

Mourning Routine Free alarm clock comes with a very new and innovative concept to turn off the alarm clock. It uses your camera along with a bar code scanner to make sure you are not in your bed anymore. As the app does not come with an inbuilt barcode scanner, you will have to install Zxing’s Barcode Scanner from Google Play to use the morning routine feature.

The principle on which the alarm clock work is that to press the dismiss button you will have to scan the barcode of a product you use in your household. The three modes in which the alarm clock work is Regular, Scanning and Sequential. Selecting the first mode will make this app as good as the stock alarm app with a simple dismiss button and will fail the purpose of installing an additional app. So, we need to check out the second and third mode.

Android Alarm Clock 11
Android Alarm Clock 12

The second and third mode asks to scan a barcode of a product (can be anything like the toothpaste you use, the milk cartoon) to make sure that you have got up from the bed. The only difference is, in the Scanning mode, you can scan any random barcode and silent your alarm clock while in the Sequential mode you can configure a specific product code while setting the alarm.

Android Alarm Clock 9
Android Alarm Clock 8

What’s next? After you have successfully scanned the codes and disabled the alarm for the day, you can program the app to either play your favorite radio channel or open a webpage on your mobile browser (I prefer the news).

Though some may find the approach of scanning a barcode code to dismiss the alarm innovative, some may think it less challenging and full of loopholes. For them, I have another amazing alarm clock app coming up next.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

First of all, here’s an interesting fact. This is by far the first app on Google Play I have come across which, in spite of having a ton of user rating, doesn’t have a single one and two star review. That speaks well for it.

As the name indicates, Puzzle Alarm Clock would require you to solve math and color puzzles before you can hit the snooze button. The puzzles make sure that your brain is up and is ready to kick for the day.

Android Alarm Clock 7
Android Alarm Clock 14

You can select color, blocks and math puzzle in the free mode to dismiss the alarm. You can even select the level of the puzzles depending upon your intellectual strength but that’s available on in the pro version. There is also a Write Code method and it’s like entering the captcha to turn off the alarm.

Android Alarm Clock 3
Android Alarm Clock 5

One interesting feature of the app is the Check if I’m awake and works as failsafe. This feature pushes a notification asking if you are awake. If you don’t tap the notification in the next five minutes, the alarm will go off and you will have to solve the puzzles again. The app has some FB motivation feature as well, but it’s only a promotional stunt and does not really help.

Though I usually never ask my readers to buy the pro version but in case of Puzzle Alarm Clock, I would like to make an exception. Try the free app for few days, and if you are convinced, don’t hesitate to go for the pro. It will make it far better actually, because it’ll unlock a lot of features that you might need.


I think the above apps should do it for those who have had a go at the stock Android alarm clock, which turned out to be unsuccessful. Which one of the above you are likely to choose?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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