How to Never Miss a TV Show Episode Again With FollowShows

Missing a TV show episode may not have a catastrophic consequence for an individual but it can really upset him. Though these shows might get repeat telecasts or you may view the stuff online, by the time you catch up to it, it’s already a stale pie with your online social stream getting flooded with discussions and show spoilers.

Tv Shows

With such a busy schedule and so much to deal with every day, keeping track of even a couple of shows can become cumbersome.  Being the techies that we are here at GT, it shouldn’t surprise when we say that we’ve got a tool for this. Just like I use Evernote to keep a list of my notes and priority tasks, I use FollowShows to keep an eye on my favorite TV shows.

FollowShows is a simple and free online service that uses the data provided by TVRage and TheTVDB to keep a track of all your favorite shows, provide you a brief insight and email you when the next episode is about to air.

Getting Started With FollowShows

After you make an account on FollowShows, it will ask you to search and follow all the shows you want to monitor. Of course, you can modify your listing at a later stage as well. Having done that you will be taken to the homepage where you can see your activity stream and it will fill up over the time.

Follow Shows

Tracking TV Show Episodes

The Tracker  and the Queue on the left sidebar is a simple and easy to use dashboard to track episodes. It gives you all the airing details as you might need. It helps you track episodes that have previously aired, are airing tonight, and will air next.


Want to have a quick look at what’s airing this month? The Calendar will help you with that.

Air Dates

Getting Alerts

The best things are hidden in the settings section, and that’s Email and RSS feature. In the settings page, you can manage what kind of alerts you want and when you want them. You can also subscribe to the RSS which is unique to your account, and the shows that you follow.

Followshows Settings

Finally, you can expand your horizons by having a look at the popular TV shows and see if something interests you.

So do try out the tool and share your experience. But hey! Wait… before you go, I would like you to see my favorite collection of TV wallpapers. I am sure you will love them.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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