Goodnight Timer Reduces Computer Volume & Auto Shuts Down PC

Many people like listening to music while they go to bed for sleep. They set the music on their PC and they don’t care to switch off the PC before sleep so the music continues to play the whole night.

To end this problem there is a nice tool known as Goodnight Timer which automatically reduces volume of computer and also shuts down your computer after the specified time interval.

If you are downloading some important files which could take hours then this software could help you too. It has an option called don’t shutdown your computer  after music stops.


The software also gives options to customize the volume reduction process. You can set a time frame after which it starts reducing the PC volume and choose between linear and exponential method of volume reduction.

So if you are one of those who’s blamed by other members of the house for keeping the music on the entire night then it’s time you download and install this software. It’ll help in saving your electricity bill and also prevent other family members from waking up due to the music.


  • Reduce sound volume in linear or exponential manner.
  • Shutdown your PC according to timer.
  • Volume is restored next time the system is started
  • Option for setting start and end volume level.

Download Goodnight Timer for your Windows PC.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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