See Artist Bio, Facts, Similar Videos & More on YouTube With Seevl

Youtubelogo Clicking the ‘More’ link below the YouTube videos helps you with little information. When it comes to music videos you like, it’s hardly going to satisfy your information appetite. Google search is close by, but sifting through the search results and getting to know an artist or singer is a chore you would rather leave for another day.

Seevl is a Chrome extension that gives you all the information you want on the music video that’s currently playing on YouTube. Seevl is a music discovery tool that can help you to land on the exact music video you are searching for on YouTube. Then, Seevl takes the discovery up a notch by connecting you to other music videos that are similar to what you are listening to at the moment. All of the information is contextual and ultimately gives you a better music listening experience on YouTube!

Let’s see how Seevl puts it all together.

The Chrome extension is displayed as a simple search bar when you land on YouTube.


The search bar gives you lots of parameters you can use to set your search. Dropdowns help you with suggestions.


You can start your search with any of the parameters. To fine-tune the search you can search with the other parameters. Your search results change as the search becomes more specific with each new parameter. For instance, the screen below was generated after I searched for Genre: country music; Instrument: acoustic guitar.


Clicking on a search result gives you the music video. Note the Seevl information box on the right. Biography and Fact sheet gives you all the background info on the artist and group.


But what’s interesting for furthering your search for new artists and new groups is the Suggestions section. You can click on the information to check out the links between two artists and go on a exploration of new songs and artists.


The Seevl extension may not be very stylish but it gets the job done and that too within the context of the video you are watching. Seevl is still in beta, so there will be some quirks. Also, it works within YouTube so it is limited by the music videos available on the site. Though, YouTube has an impressive stock, you could fall short when you are searching for an obscure indie artist who is not in the limelight yet.

I would say that the Seevl extension is must-have for music lovers. It’s going to come soon for Firefox and other browsers. Stay tuned and tell us what you think of Seevl and its music discovery prowess.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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