Quickly Design a Business Card or Event Badge With MakeBadge

Companies spend quite a packet on corporate stationary. Business cards included. It’s always nice to have a creatively designed business card on high-grade art paper to stand out from the crowd. The same goes for event badges. But what if you have a small business or non-profit organization and can’t afford a designer? The web is the answer and the tool that helps you do-it-yourself.


MakeBadge is a free web application for making event badges, name tags, business cards, button badges and more. The online web app gives you quite a few template choices starting from design to the content, and its final printing. It’s a complete hands-on tool which is easy enough to learn for even those among us who are creatively challenged.

MakeBadge is completely free. There are no restrictions like advertisement bylines or the number of times you can design or print business cards. It is a very simple instant business card maker. Let’s quickly design a simple business card. (Image credit – Jeff )

How to Design a Business Card or Event Badge in a Few Easy Steps

Broadly, there are 3 main stages of business card creation – design, writing and proof-reading, and printing. Design starts with the idea or the inspiration.

1. With MakeBadge, you can choose from the two available templates or design from scratch. Here’s a screenshot that shows my choice of the template.


2. If you are the creative type, you can start with a blank canvas and design from scratch. For event badges, you can choose from two shapes. The corner handles allow you to change the dimension of the card.

3. To complete your business card or event badge, you have to click and select the three elements (text, image, and background) to customize it with your information.

4. Clicking on the image placeholder opens up the options for uploading your photo and inserting it into the proper position. As you can see, each control is explained on the left of the page.


5. You can tweak fonts (choices here are limited), define their size, and change color.

6. With templates also, you can position each element by dragging the boxes around. You may also insert any content you want by clicking the rectangle control and inserting information like Skype ID, additional phone or fax numbers etc.

Here’s what my heavy handed efforts at business card design looks like. I haven’t gone to a design class in my life.


When you have finished fine-tuning your business card, you can click on Print or save it as a PNG file.

A Video Overview

MakeBadge is one of the easiest business card creators out there. Yes, there are shortcomings like lack of designer fonts, and more stylized elements. A few more templates would have been good, but let’s look at it this way – too many options can also overwhelm a newbie or someone who is not proficient with design. MakeBadge keeps it simple.

Does MakeBadge do the job for you, or do you have another business card design web app in mind?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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